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Newly published folder:   10 Good reasons to invest in Belgium

download it from here (PDF, 3.23 MB)

10 Good Reasons To Invest In Belgium

    1. Open Economy
    2. Gateway to 500 million European consumers
    3. Logistics springboard
    4. Access to European decision-makers
    5. Top-class human capital
    6. Belgium generates and attracts brains
    7. Competitive tax regime
    8. Ease of setting up a business
    9. Affordable real estate prices
    10. A great place to live


What can we do for you?

The Foreign Direct Investments Department is the Federal Contact point and 'Help Desk' for companies considering setting up operations in Belgium as part of their European expansion plans.

To this effect, the Department
  • assists investors with relevant information on the legal, human resources, incentive and
  • business aspects of their investment plans;
  • prepares programs of contacts in Belgium;
  • provides general and tailor-made information on aspects about the Belgian investment climate, upon request.
The Department works in close cooperation with the Regional Investment Offices of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia and the Belgian Embassies.

Contact :Federal Public Service Economy 
Foreign Investments Department
Vooruitgangsstraat 50
1210 Brussels

Tel +32 277 69 13

Financial or tax matters

Within the Federal Public Service FINANCE, the Fiscal Department for Foreign Investments assists foreign investors and investors already established in Belgium on tax matters.

This team of experts was established in 1997 and is placed under the direct authority of the Chairman of the Management Committee.

This public service works free of charge and on a flexible, non-bureaucratic and investor oriented basis. The Department handles the projects disclosed to her in a strictly confidential way. The officials remain subjected to a strict obligation of professional secrecy.
Contact :Federal Public Service Finance
Fiscal Department for foreign investments
Parliament Corner
Wetstraat 24
B-1000 Brussel (Belgium)

Tel +32 257 870 19
Fax +32 257 951 12
Website : minfin.fgov.beNo label found for: as_externallink.alttag

Are you next to invest?

Numerous foreign investors found already their way to Belgium. Find out who they are and which region they chose to operate from.    

Important industries

Belgian companies are top in numerous important industries.Very often they are marketleader due to their innovative and creative businessmodel.    


Belgian embassies and consulates

Find the Belgian embassy or consulate near you.  

Coming to Belgium, formalities

Do you have a question about Belgian passports, document legalisation or how to request a visa?

Do you need to speak to the helpdesk?

Are you looking for information about nationality or civil status?